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Q - How long have you been in business?

A - Knightlite software was founded in 1995 and we started to sell our software April 15th 1996. We are a small company that focuses on customer support and producing the best fire fighter and ems study software available. We offer toll free tech support and normally a no wait response time during business hours. Click here to see what our customers say about us.

Q - If I order your software, can you e-mail me a copy so I can start using it right away.

A - Yes, we offer free 30 minute electronic delivery during business hours for phone orders.  Online orders are also normally delivered within 30 minutes.  If you order software after business hours, your software will be electronically delivered the next morning after 8:00 AM Eastern Time..

Q - I downloaded your software and I am getting an I/O error or some other error trying to install it.  Why is that?

A - You have a bad download.  You need to download the software again.  The file became corrupt from our site to your computer.

Q - I did try downloading it again and I am getting the same result.  Why?

A - If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer you will normally get this same error. You make a request to download the software again and Explorer sees that you have already downloaded the file, and will not try to download it again.  It looks like it starts to download, but it completes in just a few seconds. If you are having these problems, we suggest using another browser such as Mozilla  FireFox, or Apples Safari.  Both are available free of charge at the following links.

FireFox -

Safari -

Both are excellent browsers and much superior to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Q - I received the software and I noticed that there are other programs on the disk.  Why is that?

A - Knightlite ships all of our software on a single DVD.  In the event you would like to order another title from us, you don’t have to wait for another disk.  You can simply unlock it from the disk you have and save on the shipping and handling charges. Simply call 1-800-707-9875 and pay by phone for the software. We will email you an unlocking key within 30 minutes.

Q - How do you ship your software?

A - We shipped all packages via First Class Mail.  Priority mail is available for an additional $2.00.  All packages are shipped the next business day.  Special shipping requests are also honored.

Q - Do you ship to other parts of the world. 

A - Yes, we can ship anywhere in the world.  If you are ordering outside of the United States and Canada there is an additional $5.00 shipping charge.

Q - I am using Windows, and I load your software, and I can’t see the entire window. The Taskbar is blocking part of the screen.

A - You can autohide your Taskbar by doing the following:

  1. 1)Right-click on your start button.  A menu will pop up.

  2. 2)Click on “Properties.”

  3. 3)Click on the Taskbar tab.

  4. 4)Check the box that says auto-hide the taskbar.

  5. 5)Click Apply and then OK.

The Taskbar should be out of the way.

Q - I still can’t see the entire screen.

A - The native screen size for this software is 1280 x 800 pixels.  If after hiding the taskbar you still cannot see the entire screen, try adjusting the screen resolution of your monitor to the 1280 x 800(768).  If you cannot adjust the screen resolution to a higher resolution, you will need to load the NetBook version.  The NetBook version is also on your disk or is available for download.  The NetBook version will use resources from the full version, so you need to keep the full Code III version on your system. Just install the NetBook version and there will be an additional icon added to your desktop.  NetBook versions are only available for Windows computers.  All Macs can handle the standard resolution.

Q - My organization wishes to purchase your software. Can we purchase software with a PO?

A - We accept purchase orders from organizations, companies, and municipalities only. Official purchase orders must be FAXED to 203 758-1646. All Purchase Orders must be paid within 30 days.  If your organization does not use purchase orders you can simply use your department letterhead.

Q - Do You offer educational pricing?

A - Yes we do.  If your organization would like to order multiple copies of our software and order at least 15 copies, you can save substantially off the regular purchase price.  We sell our software to third party vendors, and educational institutions at wholesale prices. Call us at 1-800-707-9875 and we will send you a link to our Wholesale and Educational page. Click Here.

Q - How do I get Technical Support?

A - Telephone support is available from Knightlite Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM and most of the time of the weekends.  We offer toll free tech support at 1-888-899-0196.  For e-mail support CLICK HERE.

Q - What is the TestMaker Upgrade Module?

A - The optional TestMaker Upgrade Module gives the user the ability to add an UNLIMITED NUMBER of additional chapters to the software.  These are empty chapters and do not contain any questions.  Instructors can pick and choose from the existing database of questions to make a very customized test, or they can write their own questions. You can also add pictures and even video to any question as well. Create an unlimited number of chapters using the Chapter Panel.  For a full explanation of the TestMaker Upgrade CLICK HERE.

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